Our Home

Playing House

I love the sense of home that I have here. When I walk through this new house I think, “I adore this place.” It is just so precious and homey and truly the first time I have really loved where I lived. I feel like we made the best of all our duty stations, but this one slips on like a favorite old shoe. Built in 1963, it has layers of history that show throughout. Families before mine have loved this place too. They refinished the master bath in farmhouse style, built a cozy stone fireplace, added built in cabinets and shelves, and designed lovely flowing gardens as well as a giant fenced in vegetable garden.

How did I get so lucky?! All I really have to do is personalize it a little with my favorite colors to make it look like me. I feel like the Jack Johnson song, “You say we’re playing house, now you still say we are. We built our getaway up in a tree we found. We felt so far away, but we were still in town.” Look- I even have the treehouse!

I see you sneaking up that ladder, Luke!


Me and my little monkey up in the tree house.

Thomas added some rails so the kids can’t fall through. I love that this new house is a place to escape, yet a place where we can host, a place we can rest, and a place we can play. I am looking forward to years of memories here, and I’d love to share them with y’all as we “Play House”.

But I promise that I won’t try to show off a perfect family or a perfect house here. Life gets pretty messy with two toddlers, a dog, and a crazy type B mama who’s married to another type B. I do love it when my house looks clean and lovely, but that rarely happens. I tend to have about six projects going on at once and half done chores on display. Here is a good example from this morning of poor Thomas trying to deal with it:

Hubby sees wifey hasn’t washed his work shirts.

He puts stinky shirt in dryer to try to freshen it up.

Shirt is stinky and warm.

He puts shirt through steam cycle.

Shirt is stinky, warm, and wet.

He puts on shirt and sprays with lots of cologne.

Shirt smells good and stinky.

But, look! There is hope! Hubby bought scattered wifey a planner!

Now I can do it all!

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