That Kind of Day

Have you ever had that kindof day when everything seems a little tougher than it should be, when you accidentally spray yourself in the face with the sink hose? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. And then you spot a giant rollie pollie crawling aross the floor. Catch it, quick! And then you somehow sprain your finger while putting your son’s shoes on him. Weird… And then you step on your daughter’s favorite Rapunzel crown, smashing it and causing her to cry, “Mommy, why did you doooo that?!” I’m so sorry honey! It’s just one of those days! This happens to everyone, right??

Last night we had a friend in town for a few hours who stopped by to see our new house. As Thomas was giving him a tour with the kids and Ginger underfoot, a dog we’d never seen before ran in through the garage door and started making laps inside the house. It was chaos! He was old and fat, with a gray face, and maybe deaf too because he totally ignored us when we told him to stop chowing down on Ginger’s food! There was a half-eaten chicken carcass on the counter, and it made me think of A Christmas Story when Bumpus’ dogs ate the turkey. At least he didn’t get our chicken!

What else can we add to our bizarre collection? Lyla just kicked her dresser as she ran past it, and her toe is crooked. Was it always crooked?! I’m going to go with a hopeful yes.

Luke threw up his yogurt on the nice leather chair a few minutes ago. Oh, I couldn’t find my comb or Lyla’s after my shower, so I collected a few new possibilities. Dog brush or roller?

I realize the roller isn’t a viable choice, but when I first saw the handle I thought it was a sand rake. I opted for finger combing. And THEN, look where I found our combs- out for a stroll. I should have thought of that!

Oh man, there’s never a dull moment in the Fister household. Okay, I admit that was about two days’ worth of crazy. Thomas gets the MVP award this week, as he probably should most weeks. This weekend he’s taking the kids with him to Mimi’s house and giving me a whole weekend of peace and quiet… I am very thankful, and I am sooo looking forward to it. I plan on finishing some house projects and a beautiful book I’ve been reading for about a month, Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams by Susan Branch. That is, if I can find it. It’s probably tucked away somewhere random, like a toy box. Anyways, it’s a fantastic book that I can’t wait to find and finish! I’m also going to plant a red maple. So keep an eye out for some fun house updates this weekend! But first, before I do any of my fun projects, I have to clean and tidy up my house. So my goal today is to do my ordinary chores with an extraordinary attitude. Ready, set, GO!

8 thoughts on “That Kind of Day”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. It has been many years since I had little ones of my own, but I am a grandmother of 14 wonderful grandchildren, ages 6 mo. to 20 yrs (in a few days). So, I know what you are talking about. It never gets boring being the mom of young ones.

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  2. Ok, weird, so before I read your description I just had a feeling you may be a military wife. My husband finished his term in the AF last year so we have moved back and he is attending college now.

    Better make sure the book is not in the stroller lol!!!

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    1. You’re right- I’m an Air Force wife too! So are y’all in a place where you’ll stay long term? We’re in for at least another three years and then we’ll determine whether we want to get out or stay in the full 20. It’s such a daunting decision.

      I haven’t checked the stroller, but that’s a good idea because I haven’t found it yet and I really want to read it!!

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      1. We moved back to our home state so I’m not sure if we will stay in the same area when he graduates, he is going into electrical engineering. But currently we have an apartment and I would love to finally settle down eventually lol. But that will be at least in a few years.

        My guy left because of the drama, he was maintenance and those guys did not always get taken care of. Which is a shame because his job is crucial for the planes. He liked what he did just not the treatment.

        Yes, check that stroller haha!!

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      2. It sounds like we have a similar story. My husband is an acquisitions office but he did an opex tour in maintenance for three years. He loved the job satisfaction it gave him but it was an intense job that gave him anxiety, and he got chewed out a lot. It was tough!

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  3. I love this post! Found myself literally LOLing bc Aubree Mae is an ‘organizer’ of random things I need too. The laundry basket is currently full of a Bible, cookware, play mop hook thing, a bucket & books. I am right there with you as we search…

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