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Kitchen- Fresh Paint

We love our house, but not the paint colors. Fortunately, that’s a cheap and easy fix! It takes a while to get to everything when you have kids, though. We decided to tackle the kitchen first. The gummy green paint was not my cup of tea. It was more like a cup of seaweed, so it had to go.

I didn’t like the chalkboard at first, but it grew on me immediately, and I also realized it is very permanent, with a solid wood trim. That will be staying.

Notice the rooster chandelier– cute, but not my style. There was also a phone and a garland to pull down that were left from the previous owners. This is a fun little corner. That’s my thinking chair, where I sit to remember what I was walking across the house to get!


This was a Christmas Kitchen when we moved in- all red and green. Do you see those glass cabinet doors with red curtains? I’ve never seen anything like them! There are seven total. It gave the kitchen a very Christmas Bistro vibe. I limit Christmas decor to December, so these also had to go. My birthday is November 30th, so my family’s rule growing up was that we could decorate for Christmas after we celebrated my birthday.

On top of that, I’m just not a red girl, except for my freshman year of college, when I went through a brief red and orange phase. I bought a red quilt for my bed and my roommate bought me orange shoes haha. They went back to being my two least favorite colors a year later. Glass cabinet redo post here!

I had a giant blank canvas in the garage, one of way too many spare canvases, so I made a huge color swatch chart. I went back and forth on the right shade of teal for weeks! I had a new favorite every day, but I finally settled on the top right. That one will be the island color as well as the back of the shelves color in the dining area. Notice the red behind the canvas?!

I forgot to take a picture of it when we moved in, so this was from the Zillow listing. Lots of red… yay!

Time to get down to business. Lyla jump started the priming process for us! I try to let her help as much as possible. She loves telling everyone she painted the walls.

Ah! There’s a hole in the wall! I attempted my first patching job. I’m pleased to say there is no longer a hole, but it’s nowhere close to being smooth. We’re going for a fresh, cute, and imperfect look!

Thomas and I make a great team because I love edging, but hate rolling. Thomas is the opposite, so our skills pair up nicely.

Check out the difference on that wall! You actually can’t see my patch job in this pic. The angle you’re standing at determines whether or not you can see it. My last big project in the kitchen will be painting a stencil on this wall, which will give the wall a fun pattern and hide the patch job even more. I’m going to use paint that’s one shade lighter. I have Balanced Beige all over the kitchen, and I’ll use Accessible Beige for the pattern, which is our primary neutral color throughout the rest of the house. I can’t wait to fancy up that wall, but that project is on the back burner until more important tasks get finished.

So fresh! It feels like a new kitchen with the paint, and it feels bigger too! I know people are all about open floor plans these days, but I’ve been enjoying my kitchen room.

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