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The Craigslist Headsplitter

Do any of y’all have parents who are scared to death of you meeting up with some random person to buy an item off Craigslist? I’m raising my hand too. I once followed an address to a dark, unmarked trailer park at night, but I said “No way!” and hightailed it outta there. So I get the fear, but you know what? My mom never warned me about the dangers of the items themselves… Enter the Craigslist Headsplitter- buh dum, buh dum, buh dum! Also known as a very lovely queen sized bed.

It all started out innocently in Renton, Washington. I found a pretty bed and side table on Craigslist in Gig Harbor for a great price. I looked up the address, and for some reason it told me miles as the crow flies, as in straight across Puget Sound. Our neighborhood was full of crows, perhaps they used Mapquest. So our adventure to pick up the bed turned out to be a full day excursion with the kids since we had to drive down by Tacoma and then up to Gig Harbor. But what a precious little town! Definitely a postcard worthy place. We never suspected the dark secret hidden there.

We made it safely home despite the mattress. It was flopping like wings up top, and I was afraid we might take flight. Watch out crows, here we come! Now when we got home, we did a thorough inspection of this used mattress. The lady we bought the set from mentioned several times that we should let it air out for a couple of days outside. Ha! We sold that and brushed our hands of it. But, the bed itself was in great shape and looked awesome set up in our guest room.

So pretty! Ad in a goofer hole, and you’ve got a split forehead. Oh, you don’t know about goofer holes? Most people call them gopher mounds, I think, but my daughter sees them in the park and calls them goofer holes. Sweet girl, the moment arrived. She was helping me stuff the duvet cover on the bed, and since the best way to do this is to crawl inside the duvet, in she went. And of course, it was also a good time to jump like a goofer. Do they jump? Well my little goofer did, then catapulted face first onto the footboard, WA-POP! Oh it was awful. I knew just from the sound that we would be going to the emergency room.

My firstborn went to the ER four times in six months while in Washington. Croup, concussion, chopped forehead, and broken foot. I can’t tell you how many times people said to me, “You should put that girl in a bubble.” Well, everyone, we followed your advice!

Unfortunately, she wasn’t a fan of the bubble.

We decided to brave the waters of Craigslist again- et, voila! My new writing corner!

This beauty was only 40 buckaroos! I love the details and the fact that it was built here in Dayton in 1937. To finish it up, the antique chair I’ve been sitting on since the third grade fits under it perfectly.

This fun new addition seems pretty toddler safe so far, but you never know with my kiddos tumbling around!

5 thoughts on “The Craigslist Headsplitter”

  1. Buying from Craigslist is ALWAYS nerve-wracking for me. If it’s not the spammers and scammers, it’s the no-shows and the re-negotiators. You know, the ones who agree on a price and then they only bring half of the agreed cash to the pick-up location.
    Sounds like you’ve had some good success. Great!
    Also, love your writing style.


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