Our Home

Glass Cabinet Redo

Welcome to our diner!

That’s what our glass cabinet doors with curtains reminded me of.

We have seven glass doors in our kitchen, including this little can pantry. Very interesting!

I knew this had to go when we moved in, because not only is red not my color, the curtains felt a little frumpy to me.

Let’s just say that the clear glass wasn’t a good option either. The kiddos got cranky every time they saw cereal and snacks they couldn’t get to. Way too tempting!

Making faces through the clear glass was about the only benefit.

Fun for all ages! That’s MY mommy!

Our first attempt at covering them involved static cling window film with a crackled glass finish. But it was still see-through! If it had been on a bathroom window people could totally still see you naked! We returned that and decided to try wallpaper.

I found a fun bird patterned wallpaper. I was going for wispy and light, the opposite of what the kitchen was before. Originally I looked for peel and stick removable wallpaper, but that stuff was expensive! I wasn’t willing to spend $100+. This roll of traditional pre-glued wallpaper was $33, and I used maybe half the roll. Anyone want the extra?!

I put this project off for a couple of weeks because I was intimidated by the glue process. Thomas finally got fed up with my messy island workspace and said, “Let’s do this, NOW!” And we just went for it.

We plugged up the sink, submerged the cut pieces one at a time following the times in the instructions, and then plastered them on the outside of the glass. You should have seen us on the first try. We both had a scraper, and we were scraping out bubbles willy nilly as fast as we could! Arms were flying all directions and getting tangled in knots. We perfected our technique on the subsequent windows.

Well? Much better than curtains, in my opinion. At first, there were no bubbles. Then, after 24 hours, it was like a bunch of microscopic bubbles congregated to form some giant bubbles. When I discovered them, I was pretty disappointed. You can kind of see some bubbles in the pic above. BUT WAIT FOR IT— after a couple more days the bubbles disappeared again, and the wallpaper turned completely flat and lovely! That was a great surprise!! Maybe the bubbles seeped through the paper??? I have no idea, but I am pleased.

After tackling the wallpaper, (which wasn’t too tough on a seven windows, but I can’t imagine doing a whole wall) Thomas put up some curtains I bought on Kohl’s.com. I wanted something geometric to counter the floral nature of the wallpaper and my future stencil on the main kitchen wall.

Then my favorite helper became an electrician and put up a new light for me! We sold the rooster chandelier and bought a more modern semi-flush light on Overstock.

Here’s a before pic in case you forgot:


Isn’t it cute? It’s coming along nicely. Two projects on hold are: painting the island teal and stenciling the focal wall. Did you notice the baby leopard in the thinking chair? She’s also my little helper. She helped me plant these succulents in owl pots.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep them alive, but they’re cute right now. We’ve given a few away as presents. If my remaining ones die, I will be putting in fake ones that will last forever!

I’m keeping these two owls. They go well with these green plates I made in a ceramic class in college. I have a few more plants around the house. This one by the sink seems really happy, probably because it gets the most light.

Well, there you have it! That’s the update on our kitchen! It looks like a totally new place. It feels big, fresh, and happy, and I like cooking in it, which is important. πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ³πŸ‘πŸΌ

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