My Little Pumpkins

A stomach bug hit our family this weekend. No fun! We managed to avoid it for three and a half years. Boy, were we were in for a wild ride.

It’s one of those things that totally catches you off guard. Luke started off the show for us. I gave him chili for the first time, and he didn’t seem to like it, even though this kid eats everything. He kept making faces and spitting it out, so I thought maybe the spices were too much for him. Then the puking started.

This was my thought process with each consecutive upchuck:

1. Woah…?

2. Oh my gosh.

3. This. Is. Bad.

4. Get it all out, dude. Just get it out.

Too much? Okay, I won’t talk about it anymore. I’ll only add that it provided good incentive to do a THOROUGH house cleaning.

This afternoon everyone seemed perky and ready to go on a little adventure, so we headed to a pumpkin patch!

There were farm animals to pet, giant pumpkins to climb, and a tractor ride to deliver us out into the pumpkin patch.

Jersey cows are the cutest! And so are these two kiddos!

Luke is obsessed with tractors. He was thrilled that he got to “drive” a big green stationary tractor AND go for two rides behind a blue tractor.

Trust me, he was thrilled, despite that face.

“It is not everyone,” said Elinor, “who has your passion for dead leaves.” Jane Austen


Can you tell Lyla is saying the word “corn” here?!

It finally feels like fall! Apparently this is typical Ohio weather- in the high 80s one day and drops down to 35 degrees the next night. Craziness!

This heavy munchkin wants to be carried 90% of the time, unfortunately. I think my back needs to visit the chiropractor.

The kids got a free wagon ride.

They even got a free cow ride.

“Picking up a pumpkin is like giving Fall a hug.” Holly Fister

They looked like little ducklings trailing after me today. They stayed close to mama and never strayed too far.

Bye bye!

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