Guest Post- Mary Grace Bennett

Today I am so excited to tell y’all that I am hosting my first Third Thursday Guest Post!!! And it’s good timing, too, because my brain seems to be on leave today. I took the kids out to run errands, and I drove a few miles past my exit before I realized it.

Let me introduce you to my good friend, Mary Grace Bennett. We have been close friends since the eighth grade, and the distance that has separated us in recent years has not changed the fact that we are kindred spirits. Mary Grace has traveled the globe following the Lord’s calling on her life, and now she is on a new adventure in Georgia- married and close to having her first child. She is one of my role models, and I am proud to share with you what was on her heart this week:


“I didn’t see it coming. Fear. Life had shifted into a season of beautiful promises fulfilled. We were finally married with a baby on the way. So much hope and excitement. Honestly, my 30 year old self had been yearning for this season for so long that there was incredible peace. I was finally there and soon so would this sweet baby. The farther along I got in the pregnancy the more questions got asked. Questions about doctors, hospitals, immunizations, feeding, sleeping positions, on and on. There are just SO many opinions. As I researched and read others opinions, I quickly found this thread of fear that wove through everything. This pressure to make the exact right collection of decisions for my baby or something really bad may happen, and if something does happen it will be all my fault. It makes logical sense, this is parenting after all. 

In the middle of working through these questions, my husband and I felt strongly that The Lord was asking us to go to Costa Rica on a mission trip before the baby was born. Costa Rica, where the CDC says don’t go if you’re pregnant. On top of that we would not be in cities or in hotels, but in the mountains, in a pastor’s house, with mosquito nets and out houses. I know the voice of The Lord. Yet after years of traveling and living overseas, I paused. I’m a mom now, its not just me. I am making decisions for me and my child. So what now? I did more research, talked to our doctor, prayed and talked to my husband. I wrestled over and over. The Lord kept bringing me back to the same question, “Does my obedience to God change because he has blessed me with a child?”

I trust God with me. All day long. He is faithful and he is good. Do I trust him with my baby? Do I truly believe for me and my family that the safest place to be is in the center of his will? Over and over I felt fear and pressure sneak in. I kept thinking, is this what all moms deal with all the time? Yes, motherhood is a huge responsibility but it does not make me God. He is still in control, and the moment I think I am in control I am inviting fear to consume me. 

So we went to Costa Rica, 28 weeks pregnant. God was so faithful. I learned that my “yes” to God does not get to change with this baby or any other gift he gives me. My life of obedience must be lived out in front of my children or what chance do they have of living a life without fear? I must trust that I was made for this and that God knows exactly what he is doing even if I have no clue. Yet, I have a funny feeling this may be one of those lessons I get to learn over and over again.” by Mary Grace Bennett

Love this girl and her sweet heart!!! I’ll be doing a Third Thursday Guest Post each month from now on. I think it will be great to hear from friends about their life experiences, joys, and trials. There are so many things we can learn from each other.

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