Our Home

The Teal Takeover

I am slowly covering over all the red in this house, one brush stroke at a time!

If you ignore the foot, you can see the red shelves and cabinets in the background. When I was in the hospital, some friends primed all of that for me, which was so sweet. It really jump-started the process and saved me a LOT of time.

I painted them with two coats of Balanced Beige, which is on the walls of the kitchen. The dining/family room walls are Accessible Beige. There wasn’t quite as much contrast as I was hoping for, but it still gives it a nice, neutral look.

TA DAAAA! I’ve been looking forward to revealing this project. It has been the most time consuming one so far. I have been trying to fit in coats of paint and top coat at night. That way it can dry overnight before the kids touch it.

I chose Liquid Jade for the background. Lowe’s upgraded me to their premium paint because they were out of the medium quality, and man, that stuff really does paint on like butter, just like they say! You can tell the difference in quality.

I want to change the color of my table and chairs, so I’m open to suggestions! Dark brown? Distressed white? We bought the set on Craigslist in 2010. It was originally cream, but I painted it blue in 2013 with the help of a friend. It’s nice and solid, so I’ll just keep repainting it until it falls apart, I guess!

This is Pip and His Sea Treasures. He’s a giclee print I picked up at Rookscroft and Co. on San Juan Island. I loved how the artist created a little world out of her oil paintings. They all had names and a story. It was so cool to see an artist who had totally found her niche. I still haven’t made it to that point- I don’t know what direction I want my art to take in the future. Oh, and that painting hung in the middle will be painted over one day soon! Don’t feel sad, I have another one almost just like it in my bathroom. I painted two for Seattle.

Our Seattle family room, 7-17 thru 6-18.

Lyla helped me paint over an old painting to prep for them. As you can tell, I recycle things often. That one definitely needed to go.

I bought this gorgeous hammered copper bowl at an antique mall the other day.

I put two topcoats over the Balanced Beige. A stink bug fell in while I was working. He was a goner in 30 seconds flat, before I could save him… that must be potent stuff! It made the cabinets feel smooth and washable. Luke has already tested them out by slinging peanut butter on them.

Speaking of my precious little 18 month old, here he is having a tantrum. You can also see toys in the living room and a mess in the kitchen. I had to include this to keep it real. I don’t want anyone to get the false impression that I have a perfect little house. Far from it!

Ginger has a knack for making the house look cozy.

Someone once said about my clock, “Why is there a bird on it??” And my answer was, “Why WOULDN’T there be a bird on it?!” That’s my decorating style- if there are birds, flowers, butterflies, or leaves involved, it’s perfect.

I’m turning into quite the rug collector. When I read Nicholas Sparks’ book Safe Haven a few years ago, I loved his description of her house with colorful rugs layered all over it. It sounded happy and fun. And now, rug layering is actually a decorating trend, so I was ready to jump on board and try it out for myself.

The green one ties in all the colors. It’s a trooper wool rug that I’ve been using since my college days, and it survived our worst Code Brown episode. Then I have this jute rug to keep the room earthy and grounded, although I’m sad that it lost its initial mulch smell. Haha I’m serious! It made me feel like I was gardening, but I’m sure visitors will prefer it without the smell. The fringe kind of reminds me of my curly hair- spunky and a little out of control. The faux sheepskin rug is great for snow angels in the summer and snuggling on in the winter!

I just added the curtains yesterday. They need to be steamed and raised a few inches before that area is done. This room is almost all complete! It’s very warm and homey.

I still haven’t figured out how I want to decorate the wall over the couch, but I’m sure I’ll get to that eventually. Don’t be alarmed, that’s just a gorilla on the rug. 😉

We’re having a blast in our new home! Thanks for taking the tour of the dining and family room with me!

3 thoughts on “The Teal Takeover”

      1. You’ve created a beautiful, cozy and welcoming home that is really lovely. What a talent! I flunked Home decorating so depend on my children to help me out.. But I can appreciate others – like you. Love to all…..

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