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Photography: Crunchy Adventures

I haven’t written for quite a few days because I’ve been super busy! I’ve been refinishing my kitchen island, and it has been very time consuming. I’ve found that when I’m doing a big house project I have less time and creativity leftover for writing. But in a few days I should be done with that project, and then I can share the pics with y’all!

Today I’ll share some recent fall adventures, mainly starring my kids and the gorgeous fall leaves we’re seeing here in Ohio.

Yesterday I had a headache from painting the island and was either concentrating too hard and/or holding my breath while painting! We decided to get some fresh air at Cox Arboretum, one of Dayton’s awesome metro parks.

The trees really started changing color a few days ago, and I’m afraid the strong winds are going to blow the pretty leaves right off!!

It was incredibly windy, and Lyla quickly decided to hide inside the stroller with Luke.

We opted for the wooded trails where it was less windy. It started to sprinkle on us halfway through the mile long loop.

I kept stopping to take pictures of leaves and then running in my very non-trail-running-mud-appropriate clothing to catch up to my fam.

Ginger was having a blast.

There were a few wildflowers leftover from the summer, but the colorful leaves were taking center stage!

The golden forest. So much eye candy in the fall! I didn’t realize what a gorgeous hike we’d be going on.

After the hike we decided to grab takeout from our favorite Indian restaurant. My favorite is chicken Makahani, and Thomas loves chicken tikka masala. They’re similar, and so delicious!! It’s probably one of our kids’ favorite meals, too.

Today we’ve been blessed with a mostly sunny day.

I’ve been singing, “Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!”

Backyard flowers in a lovely rosey color.

The kids pretending to be chickens.

Even dogs love to roll in the crunchy fall leaves!

She’s always ringing our doorbell! My lollipop trees have changed from green apple to cherry.

Anyone else pick pumpkins based on their stems?!

Ah! Happy almost Halloween!! I hope you have some crunchy adventures of your own!

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