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Unicorn Food

Hello, there! I feel like my last few posts have been heavy, so I wanted to lighten up today. Let’s try something fresh and new… food? Okay!

I’ve never done a food post before, so this one will be a first for me!  Like so many other moms, I want to make sure I give my kids good, healthy food and teach them to enjoy a variety of flavors. But sometimes I have to do what’s most convenient. It’s definitely a tradeoff. Here’s an example of how the schedule played into our food choices today.

First of all, here’s my baby unicorn before preschool. She’s the sweetest!

While she was at school, Luke and I played Pirates. First we found treasure at Menards:

Cabinet handles on clearance for 89 cents each! They’re heavy and exactly what I was looking for. At other stores they ran $5- $7. This was a fortuitous find since I needed 36 of them for my kitchen and laundry room!

Next we stopped at Once Upon a Child to look for shoes for Lyla. This also turned out to be a good idea since she immediately took off her Nike’s in the car because they were hurting her feet. She’s growing too fast! It’s a bummer that her Nike’s no longer fit, though, because that was her best plan for outrunning leopards… I don’t think the shoes I bought today will be quite up to the task.

Maybe she can persuade the leopard to spare her by showing it her cute shoes. Or perhaps the sparkles will blind it and give her time to escape. Or her beastly brother can fight the leopard for her.

Luke and I were both hungry, (isn’t he always?!) so we stopped at McDonald’s to get bacon, egg and cheese biscuits. I got two thinking we could split one and then give one to Lyla when we picked her up. We found some flat rocks in the sunshine to sit on. I took one bite of our biscuit before he snatched it from me with a grunt and commandeered it as his own.

Such a pirate! I called him a Cantankerous Tot, which he laughed at with a biscuit-filled mouth. We stopped at McDonald’s again to get two more biscuits after we got Lyla. Deja vu!

At home, I made this magical concoction to supplement their lunch. I make it almost everyday and it’s pretty much the yummiest stuff ever. Great for pirates or even unicorns, it’s that good. I haven’t been able to come up with a good name for it- I usually call it applesauce, so let’s just go with Unicorn Food.

Unicorn Food 

 1/2 cup whole milk yogurt

1/2 cup applesauce

1 jar of carrots or sweet potato baby food

splash of maple syrup

dash of cinnamon

These are approximate measurements and can be moved any direction to your liking. I mix it up in a big bowl, and it serves myself and my two kids. I love to put it in these reusable squeeze packs if we’re on the go.

Unicorn Food is kind of like a smoothie without a blender. You can add in different stuff, like raisins or cheerios. My favorite add in is cold, leftover oatmeal. We make a big pot of oatmeal at least once a week. There’s usually leftovers, which is great because it’s REALLY good leftover. Have you ever made overnight oats? If you add cold oatmeal into Unicorn Food, it’s super creamy and tastes just like overnight oats. I love it! And it gets whole milk yogurt into the kids. Like I said, it’s magical stuff. No wonder they’re growing so fast!

3 thoughts on “Unicorn Food”

    1. We had those leggings when she was smaller but sadly she outgrew them. Then I found them at goodwill in a bigger size and we’re on round two!! I love “unicorn Food” as well. Today I put ground whole grain baby cereal in it to fill us up more. It’s actually so tasty!

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