Impromptu Celebration Day

I didn’t realize it was a holiday when I woke up this morning. Instead I tried to sit up, my head pounding, and thought, “Must. Find. Medicine.” I have a cold, no need for concern.

Lyla skipped and bounced around me saying, “It’s Celebration Day! We’re making waffles!”

“Oh really? What’s Celebration Day?” I asked while I sorted through boxes of medicine.

Thomas laughed. “That’s up to you. I’m just going to grab a banana, and then I’ve gotta run.”

Waffles. Was I up for making waffles? I’ve been working hard to limit the Halloween candy and sweets lately, but I decided to make an exception today.

“Okay, waffles it is! If it’s Celebration Day, then I should probably make real whipped cream too.”

“Wow!” Thomas was impressed.

We lucked out that Luke slept in late because it gave us plenty of time to make our special breakfast. I realized I didn’t have any white sugar left, so decided to try brown sugar.

We poured in some cream, and Lyla dumped a little spoonful of brown sugar in with it.

It still worked! Fresh whipped cream using brown sugar. Lyla probably ate half a cup of it with a spatula!

She said, “You made it fabulous. I can’t stop eating whip whip whip cream!”

Then she helped me mix up the waffle batter. She feels so proud when she gets to help! She always says, “What will Daddy think of me?”

My secret ingredient, in everything really, is cinnamon! Try it in banana pudding- it gives it a nice little boost. Our colds couldn’t put a damper on Celebration Day! When Luke finally woke up, he came out to a very tasty breakfast.

What a waffley feast!

Also on the agenda today was priming over a painting. We make a good team- Lyla slaps on the primer, and I smooth it out. This was done while Luke was napping. We do the messy stuff when he’s not around.

What would Celebration Day be without costumes?? Every day is a good day for dressing up.

Then the kids bonded over a little Curious George. People have started asking me if they’re twins… That didn’t happen with me and my brother until we were about 8 and 10, as I remember. I’m two years older than him just like Lyla and Luke. This guy is packing it on like a champ.

The only thing that put a damper in Lyla’s day was the fact that she can’t get married until she’s a grown up. She started crying about it during snack time… But all in all, we had fun making our sick day special.

Happy Celebration Day!

3 thoughts on “Impromptu Celebration Day”

  1. Aw!!! (I can’t help but smile at her misfortune)

    Cinnamon is amazing!!! I will sometimes use a little bit with spices for me. I know it is used in curry and I’ve only made curry once at the beginning of this year, very time-consuming! But I was intrigued by all of the spices! Ever since then, I’ve trusted cinnamon a little bit more 🙂 (that and garlic salt!)

    Heart warming post ❤


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