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R.I.P. Crock Pot

One sure fire way to clean your crock pot quickly is to break it!

I already warned you I’m not the go-to girl for organization tips or cleaning ideas.

My dear crock pot served me well for eight and a half years, may she Rest In Peace. She slaved away in the kitchen when I wasn’t willing. She made my meats juicy and my veggies flavorful. After all those years of loyal, unflagging servitude, what did I do to her?

I dropped her in the sink and smashed her into three big pieces. She did manage to slice me on the way down, although I didn’t realize it at first.

I had her halfway washed when she slipped out of my fingers, smacking her lip on the edge of the sink. I let out a bizarre noise like a howler monkey while the heavy ceramic pot bonked around in the sink.

Thomas came running in to check on me. It was then that I saw red on our white cabinets. I curiously held out my hands and saw a finger covered in blood. Oops.

Don’t you worry, it was nothing that Doc McStuffins couldn’t take care of. She told me not to cry, it was OK. Then she whipped out her pink first aid box and went to work on me.

“I feel better, so much better! Thank you doc for taking all the ouchies away!” 🎶

I also have Belle, Rapunzel, and Ariel looking out for me. Thank goodness. Oh, and now the dishes are done, too!

Since we’re on the subject of cleaning, I’ll tell you my new motto. We have three shedders in our house now- myself, my daughter, and our jute rug. Vacuuming is my favorite chore, and although we need it more than ever, I find that I do it less than before I had kids. I must be a little busier.

This week I decided that it would be helpful to do at least one room a day, or even just one area as needed, the worst usually being the kitchen and dining area. So I got out the vacuum and said, “Just suck it up and vacuum, Holly.”

Haha! That’s the closest you’ll get to cleaning advice out of me!

Just suck it up and vacuum.

3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Crock Pot”

  1. Tehe! On the subject of breakages, I broke our overhead kitchen light cover today. All I wanted to do was clean the bugs out and the thing fell apart when we (David was a part of this) went to put it back up. It was original to the house (12 yrs old?), but now we have to buy a whole new fixture and have it installed before my Thanksgiving guests (oh, that would be you!) arrive! Fortunately no blood was involved in our mishap!

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  2. A little goes a long way and cleaning is the same! 😉

    NOOOO NOT THE CROCKPOT! I can feel the stomach flip flop anxiety at the first fall. I do that when things slip of my hands and it’s like CATCH IT! (most of the time…I do, but I’ve lost two favorite ceramic bowls this way.)


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