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Wings Of The Dawn: A Poem About Hope

Yesterday I wrote a poem called “Christmas After Death” that reflected the way I felt about holidays after my dad died in 2009. It was hard to relate to other people or enjoy special occasions since he wasn’t there. I decided to write the poem because, although time soothed the wound in my heart, I still remember how it felt.

I know there are people out there this holiday season who are hurting, and the merry festivities only seem to sharpen the awareness of loss. I am praying for your hearts.

Today I wanted to follow that with a more hopeful poem. I wrote the “Wings Of The Dawn” in 2014 one day when I was picturing my dad going to heaven.

His favorite chapter in the Bible was Psalm 139, which talks about how you can’t run away from God. No matter where you go or what you do, he is still with you. I painted quite a few flying birds over the years that were inspired by those verses. Meditating on Psalm 139 brought me comfort, made me feel close to my dad, and helped me realize that the Lord was with me even when my heart felt broken.


“Wings Of The Dawn”

My body, tired, a cage became.

I wondered if death would be the same.


With a sigh, I close my eyes,

Sad that they will see me die.


Warmth. A glow. I see it now.

Beating heart. Trumpets sound.


I rise, what ho! Feathers unfurl,

And slice the air as colors swirl.


I spread my wings, catch currents soft,

And like a dream, I am aloft.


I dip, I dive, feel so alive,

Rushing through the sparkling skies!


Magenta, sapphire, teal, and gold.

My path creates these colors bold.


Higher, faster, my spirit soars,

As I sail towards Heaven’s open doors.


Wings beating, hearts pounding, others join my flight.

Brothers, sisters, on my left and right.


Together we cross the mercury skies,

And they welcome us in with joyous cries!


My heart, so full of heavenly songs,

Thinks no more of earthly wrongs.


Loved ones, please, worry no more:

With the Wings of the Dawn, my spirit soars!


by Holly Fister


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