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The Curly Complex

If you have curly hair like I do, you will totally understand this post. If your hair is naturally straight or you’ve been straightening it forever, this might give you some insight into the psyche of females with a more wild “do”.

My hair curls and bounces like a hobbit’s in the Shire. I would fit right in, bare feet and all. (I had a habit in college of leaving my shoes in my friends’ rooms and would get texts that my shoes were scattered around the freshmen dorms.)

Growing up, I loved my curly hair. Straight hair was impractical due to sports, and besides, I thought my curly hair was fun.  People enjoyed pulling my ringlets to see them bounce and shoved pencils through their hollow centers during class.

              High school pic with my dad

But every now and then, maybe once a year, I straightened it. And that’s when my alter ego, Harley, came out. I looked like a totally different person! I could walk up to a group of people, and they wouldn’t know who I was.

My own son hardly recognized me the other day after the hair stylist blew it out. He pointed and grunted and backed away from me. Who is this new person?!

The majority of my life, my mom has cut my hair. Even with me living long distance from her, I save those trims for our trips back to Georgia. Not only am I excessively frugal, I also don’t trust hair dressers. I got my hair cut on base in 2010, and the lady pretty much chopped of all my hair. I watched speechless and horrified as she pulled my hair about four inches out and started shearing it.

Then two years ago I decided to lighten my hair a little with highlights, and the lady gave me gray stripes. I was so embarrassed! I had to find someone else to fix it.

Lesson learned: Find a hair dresser with good reviews who has pictures of her work. 

Now that I have highlights I get my hair done about twice a year. I found a lady here in Ohio that I really like, thank goodness! In Seattle, the lady who did my hair asked me if I wanted my hair blown out straight after the cut. I said, “No, that’s okay. I prefer it curly.” She said, “That’s what you curly haired people always say. I don’t get it!” Then she talked me into getting it blown out, mainly because I was embarrassed.

That’s when I realized:

I have a curly hair complex.

When my hair is straight, I feel conspicuous. It’s so different from the way I normally look that I feel like  a poser, like I’m trying be something different than what I am. Have you ever seen the Princes Diaries when Mia gets her makeover? She hid her hair in a hat at school until she was forced by the teacher to take it off. Then the other students made fun of her for being a wannabe!

Fast forward to today. I am in desperate need of a change. My curly hair looks pretty and tame right after being washed, but instantly gets crazy with wind, hats, baby hands, and sleeping on it. After getting my hair done the other day, I realized straight just works better for me right now. It still looked nice when I woke up the next morning, and honestly, the looking different aspect was fun.

So I bought some smoothing supplies. And I tried to blow dry my hair…

Let’s just say I’m a little late to the game in the beauty styling department. I think I dropped the hair dryer seven times, and at one point the cord got wrapped around my neck! I felt seriously disabled.

It seemed like the harder I tried to aim it at my hair, the farther away the wind blew. That mirror is a tricky thing! I kind of wish I had it on video, it was that bad.

Well, as they say, practice makes perfect. I’m crossing my fingers that my styling skills blossom over time haha!

Say hello to Harley!

                 Straight hair with waves after my haircut, and that is my husband’s crazy dragon tongue!

3 thoughts on “The Curly Complex”

  1. Oh wow! I have a naturally straight and FLAT hair. No volume. I like a little volume, wave, and a little prayer to keep a curl haha.

    You look lovely regardless I want to say. Love your curls! But I love this wave on you too!

    Liked by 1 person

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