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I Just Created a Poetry Blog- BOOM!

The poetry zeal has overtaken me, and I feel the need to separate it from Your Mercies New.

Please head over to Evening Poetry, where I’ll be “Sharing words when the sun sets.” I may be a mom by day, but I seem to be turning into a poet by night! I’d love to have you Follow me there as well if you want to read my creative writing.

When I was a kid I went to writing camp in the summers. Somehow I lost that passion along the way, but I know it was always simmering below the surface, just waiting for the right moment to bubble up.

Well, the moment has arrived. I’ve been on a wide variety of emotional journeys since graduating college, providing fuel for the fire. Now that I’m healthy (postpartum depression had it’s hold on me), the words are flowing. Go, fingers, go!

Your Mercies New will continue to be a site where I share funny stories, mommy insight, our home updates, and my faith. This blogging journey has been great, and more than that- you, the readers have made this special. Thanks for journeying with me!   -Holly

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