Just for Kicks and Giggles- Quotes from my 3 year old

In my phone I have a note solely for recording my daughter’s hilarious statements. I like to read through them when I need a giggle. She’s got it allll figured out.

A good way to start an honest conversation:

“Da truce is, Mom, I mean Mudder…”

Of course, sometimes she’s brutally honest.

Lyla: “Mommy, I love Daddy more than you.”

Me: “Okay. As long as you love me a little bit, I’m okay with that.”

Lyla: “Yeah, I love you a little bit, but not a lot. I have to love my whole family.”

She cleverly plans out the day so I don’t have to.

“Mom, I think you should stay home and watch Luke while he naps. Then Daddy can take me to a toy store. Hmm… what should I think about… eating a treat on the way?”

Since she has mastered English, she’s taking up new languages.

Maria: “Repeat after me in Spanish:”

Lyla: “In Spanish!”

She’s a scent connoisseur.

“You smell pretty and a little yucky.”

She also has a knack for identifying flavors.

Daddy: “Does the Tums taste like a smoothie to you?”

Lyla: “No, it tastes like a coyote drinking orange juice mixed with s’mores juice!”

She likes to eat healthy carrot snacks, but prefers not to dip them in sunflower seeds like I do.

“Why do you think carrots are delicious with sunflower seeds? I think carrots are delicious with noneflower seeds.”

She also likes sweets. If I’m lucky, she shares with me.

“You can try my cake. It’s just a little bit tasty and not spicy. Since I’m not a man. Just a princess.”

She volunteers for chores without being asked.

“Did you need a helper named ME?!”

Not always humble, she acknowledges when she does something awesome.

“I boom shockalocka-ed!!!”

She takes care of her family.

“Buckle up Daddy!!! I don’t want Mimi’s baby to get hurt.”

Family planning? She’s got that covered for us too.

(holding up five fingers to say we should have that many kids) “They can cut into your body, and I’ll pull the babies out.” 

No, thanks, Lyla, but that was sweet of you to offer.

She can make anything magical.

(dressed up as Elsa) “I just tooted… It was a magical toot.”

Last, but not least, she has taken up iphone photography. She knows how to get even the trickiest subjects to smile.

“Say cheese. Say holly berries. Say presents. Say Christmas decorations.”

Did she make you smile?! Me too 🙂

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