Our Home

Deck The Halls

“The fire crackles while candles dance.

The smell of cookies makes Lyla prance.

Luke is hungry for a Cornish hen,

And Daddy steals a nibble with a naughty grin.”

Now that I set the scene, I thought I’d show you our festive Christmas setup.

I wrapped one of my paintings with musical wrapping paper and hung a star on it above our nativity scene.

My uncle sent those little paintings to us as original Christmas card paintings the past two years. Aren’t they lovely? I thought they matched the white sign nicely.

Lyla told me she decked the hall and then led me to our bedroom hallway where she adorned the knobs with our stockings! I thought it was a very clever place to hang them.

This is the Keeper of the Fire! I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate his fire tending skills. My biggest fear is getting burned by fire…. Thomas does it so I don’t have to. I have to admit I thought our fireplace looked funny when we moved in, but not only did I get used to the way it looks, but we realized after using it that it is an extremely efficient room heater. It fans out hot air like a champ!

We have a cute little hodgepodge tree with all of our homemade ornaments. I have to put half of them back on after the kids are in bed because Luke pulls them off throughout the day. Lyla never touched the tree as a toddler, which shows one of the many ways they are different.

I’ve been filling my lantern with the winter poems I’ve written lately.

Here’s a view of our happy house, which looks even more yellow in the winter landscape.

And this, in my opinion, is the cutest spot! We stapled a string of lights under the island top to give the kitchen a little sparkle. The jolly Santa in the background was a gift from Thomas’ Aunt last year, and he helps me cook.

I love this centerpiece I got from Hobby Lobby this year. I told Thomas I felt like I could just put that out and feel Christmasy without needing any other decorations!

Last year we were in temporary housing and I was deep in my depression, so I didn’t put too much effort into decorating. We still got a real tree and put out all the stuff, but it didn’t feel homey like it does this year. Maybe it was the circumstances or the massive scale of that last house or the fact that we were so far from the majority of our family. Either way, I’m thankful we are all healthy this Christmas season.

We are celebrating the birth of Christ with joyful hearts.

And as long as Santa doesn’t show up, Luke will be happy!

Don’t forget to check out my new poetry blog, Evening Poetry!

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