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Four days ago we ran out of coffee. Eek! We didn’t see it coming. And somehow we never managed to go to the store to get more.

On Sunday we drank the coffee at church. On Monday Luke and I went on a little date to Starbucks while Lyla was in preschool. My boy LOVES his dates with me. He gets uninterrupted Mommy time plus a scone! I’m his favorite person, although Lyla and Daddy are starting to catch up, but I love hearing him croon Mama to me all day long.

That’s Contentedness right there. As long as he has Mommy and food, he’s happy.

Back to the coffee crisis. My brain gets distracted without caffeine.

It’s really a rather short story. This morning I wanted to take some pictures of the snow. The yard looked like a crystallized wonder land with the sun coming up, so I wanted to snap some shots early. I bundled us all up, which is a process, and finally got the kiddos outside with me.

Does this remind anyone of Christmas Story? Haha! He falls over all the time and can’t get up without my help.

After a brief run around through the yard, which was covered in a thick frosty layer of white, we waddled back inside to thaw out. Whew! It’s a lot of work to get outside for a short period of time.

Then I got them dressed for the day and ready for the grocery store.

By this time I was starting to feel the lack of caffeine. My head started to pound, and I couldn’t quite think straight. Oy. I only drink one cup a day, but it is CRUCIAL for my functioning properly.

We made it to the grocery store- one step closer to caffeine.

I think maybe my blood sugar was low, too, not a good combo. I get hangry but today I was going numb. Lyla pushed a baby cart around the store behind me. She careened out of control into several produce boxes, but I just waved for her to keep up.

Finally, we found the coffee aisle. And all they had were $9 bags from a local company. Alright, $9 bag it is, then! (We were at a small grocery store with few options.)

I brewed up a strong cup as soon as we got home. Just the smell of the grinds was enough to perk up my mind!!

Then I took way too many pics trying to capture the steam coming from my beloved cup of caffeine. Heaven in a cup.

Have you ever seen those signs that say All I need are Jesus and coffee? I need one of those in my kitchen! Maybe I’ll make one for my focal wall. It’s still awaiting its stencil design and a picture.

Anyways, crisis averted. I hope you got your coffee on a timely basis this morning, if that’s your thing. ☕️ Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “must…find…COFFEE”

  1. I may have seen some haha 🙂

    I do not drink coffee daily but especially when PMS hits I get tired more often and I like coffee, it’s a catch22, however. I’m waiting for a certain visitor to show up because coffee makes worse cramps for me and I was already on the floor with a bucket for 16 hours last month in pain and couldn’t even keep water down. So…I glance at an empty coffee pot and await the time period when I can drink coffee safely and without fear xD *Water it is!


      1. It’s okay! Last time, especially after God spoke to me about Hell through 23 Minutes in Hell through all of that pain and dizziness I was like, “Your legs are in pain. Your arms are not in pain. Not everything is in pain. Not everything around you is going wrong.” And I’m grateful even if it is hard to deal with. I’ve got a bucket, water, blanket, tile floor if needed xD and God will get me through it. I’m thinking of writing about it. He’s taught me a lot through physical pain. 🙂

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