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So Long 2018!


Thomas and I couldn’t possibly be more excited to start a new year. You’d think the years we looked forward to grand events like our wedding or the birth of our first child would have topped the list, but nope! 2019 is the most exciting one for us yet.


Because 2018 was a doozie, that’s why.

It was honestly the hardest year of our life so far, with many extremely low points and tough changes, struggles to overcome and long days to slog through. After my dad’s death in 2009, I didn’t really expect to have another year as tough as that one until another death in the family came my way, but I was wrong. Fighting depression has been the darkest part of my life to date.

And yet, I have hope.

Hope for brighter days ahead.

Hope for new friendships and stronger bonds with established friends.

Hope in Christ and a profound thankfulness for second chances.

Thank you, Jesus, for the grace you give to imperfect people!

Last night we went out for the FIRST TIME ever for a New Years Eve party. We got a sitter for the kids and dressed up in our flashiest Black Tie attire, then went downtown to a lovely party with friends. We enjoyed live music, lots of laughter, and delicious food.

In the final 15 minute countdown, waiting to shoot off our streamers, we discussed New Years resolutions. There were some that were BIG ones, really serious ones that we decided were best not made as a resolutions since it put too much pressure on them. Others, like NO MORE NAIL BITING, the wives insisted their husbands resolve to conquer (yet again) haha.

Thomas and I decided to focus more on us this year. The last few years have revolved around the kids. We want 2019 to be a year for us to reconnect and invest in our relationship. It’s time to take it off the back burner! We want to plan a little tropical vacation getaway for the two of us this summer and go on more dates.  I’m going to raise my water glass right now and toast to that again. Here, here!

(This is the best shot of the two of us from the party until we get the pics they took when we walked in on the “red carpet.”)

I personally want 2019 to be a Year for Relationships and Recovery. I hope it’s smoother than the last, with more growth and smiles than tears and downward spirals.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. It has been healthy and fun for me to share it with you.



May 2019 be a blessed year for you!

With Love,

Holly Fister

-Each DAY is a fresh start-


“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
    his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.”

Lamentations 3:22-23

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