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TOP SECRET Project Reveal

For about the past three weeks, this is what our laundry room has looked like:

We have a little potty room in our laundry room. It’s just a toilet, and the sink is right outside of it by the washer and dryer. Basically, it was a little blue hole in the wall. Thomas had nailed up a print of the San Juan Island lighthouse he bought when we visited in June. He asked for it to be framed for Christmas. Soooo since I was framing his picture, I decided I might as well spruce up the whole room!

Originally, I planned on using a stencil I bought for the kitchen. I was going to just stencil the back wall with white. But then I realized it would be too hard to maneuver the stencil behind the toilet. It’s such a tight space for a large stencil. I decided to go crazy and make a burlap stamp… I was really winging it…

This was my stamping station. I mixed a little clear glazing medium into a half full jar of white paint I had on hand to keep it from drying out as quickly. I painted a layer of white on to the trash bag, then stamped my burlap into it and then onto the wall.

Notice the pink boots? My daughter Lyla ran into the laundry room, RIGHT into the middle of the white paint. So the boots came off. She was in on the project and fiercely protected the secret. She’d throw herself in front of the door whenever Daddy got close!

The picture above shows the first row of stamping. Eek! I was nervous. Those are the supports for the shelf I made.

And here you have the first step complete! I knew after this that I would need to work on it to make it look more finished.

At this point, I had been working off and on for several evenings and Thomas asked whether I was almost done. I moaned, “No, it has gotten out of control!”

“But it’s just a tiny bathroom.” he said.

“Yes, and thank goodness, or I’d be in trouble.”

I had gotten out my tiniest paint brush and started hand painting cross hatching along the edges and on the stamp joints to cover the blue spots. The stamp didn’t go all the way to the wall, and some places were splotchy. This took a while. BUT it helped.

Once that step was complete, it looked a little too white and splotchy still, so I made a blue glaze to tone it down. The glaze floats on top. It worked! Now it looks like a nice textured feature wall.


Here’s the shelf I built. I skipped a step by buying primed wood. I added greenery, pretty candle jars, and white butterflies, which looked like the ones we saw flying on the island. (I realize this isn’t a very masculine room, but it needed to look light and fresh.)

The frame turned out great! I got it custom framed at Hobby Lobby because the print didn’t fit in any pre-made frames. I added a basket on the top of the toilet.

I got a new little waste basket.

Here’s a fun place to store magazines and books.

And the sign. Haha, it cracks me up, I must admit. I’m sure it was made for a kitchen, but dealing with kids all day, I thought it made sense in the bathroom. Lyla and I started quoting it all the time, and I thought she might say it in front of Thomas. But, like I said, she turned out to be a great secret keeper!

Fun details!

Well, there you have it- my most recent house project!

Thomas said, “It looks way better than I expected!” 🙂 I agree. It looks much more finished and thought out than before. Very cute! I was definitely flying by the seat of my pants with this one. I had to adjust as problems presented themselves, but I eventually tied it all together. I haven’t done as many projects lately due to the holidays and writing, so it was fun to knock a big one off the list.

And I’ll be potty training Luke soon, so it will be good to be reminded:

Don’t panic, It’s organic!

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