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Monday Funday

For President’s Day my husband was off work, and my daughter’s preschool was canceled. Don’t get me wrong, we were super grateful for the day off, but it was another cold day stuck inside with the kids, twiddling our thumbs and saying, “What should we do to entertain them today?!”

Since we went to the local science museum the day before, we decided to head to the mall for the kids play area and lunch in the food court. I also had something else in the back of my mind.

Rewind a week… we had friends over for dinner, and while eating, I noticed our friend had two cute little diamond earrings in her ear lobe. I started thinking maybe I’d like to have two earrings, actually make that three, because I prefer odd numbers over even.

Back to today… While eating some rather syrupy bourbon chicken (which Luke thought was awesome), I looked up the best ear piercing place in the mall. Hey! I could see it from where I was sitting. I said, “Honey, should I do it???” And Honey said, “Yeah! Go for it!”

That’s how it all came about. The last time I got my ears pierced was a woppin 21 years ago with my mom. I was a little nervous to be doing this by myself without anyone giving me a second opinion on placement. As you can imagine, it wouldn’t have worked out well to drag the kids into the back room with us.

Lunch seemed to be a very busy hour for piercings because I had to wait a while, pondering whether I should just get the first set done and see how it looks, live with it a while then come back for a third set later, or just do it all at once?!

I stood at the edge of the shop and spotted my kids down below playing in a temporary shower set up. Thomas was talking to the lady about the costs of acrylic tub inserts while Luke wrapped the shower head hose around his neck and Lyla jumped in circles. Then he was rubbing a bar of soap all over his arms while Lyla scrubbed him with a green poof. Haha! I enjoyed getting to see them play from a distance.

Finally, it was my turn! They must have successfully pulled the embedded stud out of the little girl’s ear who had been in line in front of me. Eek. That’s one of many reasons why my daughter will wait until she’s at least ten like I did for earrings.

We spent a good deal of time drawing purple spots on my ears, then wiping them off so we could relocate them again. The lady said only very rarely do they get the positioning wrong and need to re-pierce. With all that intense ear studying, we learned my ears are shaped differently, and my right ear lies flatter against my head. I already knew I was asymmetrical, but there was more proof! I think my right ear is also positioned higher because it makes my sunglasses crooked on my face. 😂

Needle in position! Get that apple ready! (Just kidding, that only happened in the Parent Trap.)

We got the first two done without a problem. I checked in the mirror and knew I wanted a third. I said, “Alright, I might as well get it all done at once. Let’s do it!”

While prepping, I heard wailing in the distance. I could pick that voice out of a hundred screaming babies.

“That’s my kid. My son is ready for his nap.”

“Oh, you can tell? Whenever I hear cats yowling I think it’s my cat. But I can’t tell them apart. One time I heard this crazy noise, and I ran downstairs. I think my bunny must have had a seizure, but she’s okay now.”

I tried hard not to giggle. This was serious business. I didn’t want to risk any ear mutilation.

I feel like, surely, four piercings at a time must be more than normal. Let me tell you, each consecutive poke hurt worse than the last. My ears knew the needle was coming. Not again!

Fortunately, I’m not squeamish. (She kept asking me if I was okay.) Shots don’t bother me, and I also love to throw childbirth in there for some perspective.

The pep talk in my head:

You can do this, Holly. Heck, you pushed a kid out of your v***** and then got sewn back up for an hour and ten minutes with no pain meds. This is nothin! 

That’s how, when inspecting the final results in the mirror, and realizing one looked a tad too high, I managed to get the words out: “Let’s re-do this one.”

Fifth piercing of the day. Whew, that one was definitely the worst, making another hole a millimeter below a fresh wound, but I’m glad I did it. I know it sounds like torture, but I am really happy with how it turned out.

There’s my left ear, all red and angry at me. I carefully swapped out my front earring for the smaller one below, and this will be my look for the next few months as they heal!

Today the snow was falling fast in hard little white pellets. Now my ears kind of match the weather. I should call my look “Winter Storm.” Did you ever see How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days? I just pictured Mrs. deLauer rolling her r’s and saying, “Frrrrost yourself” in the diamond commercial.

When we got home, Luke went down for his much needed nap, and I decided to give Lyla a little sparkle too. We painted our nails sparkly pink. And that’s why I’m calling today Monday Funday!

Happy Monday Everyone!



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