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Cabin Fever

School has been canceled yet again here in Ohio. We have cabin fever…

The walls feel like they’re closing in on us. You know what makes cabin fever even worse?


So it’s time to purge.

I decided to clean out the bookshelf by the fireplace. It was overflowing with devotionals, self help books, and kid stuff. After doing a good purge and organizing the shelves, it looks much better!

Now we have a teensy bit of empty space for the eyes to rest on.

Hello and GOODBYE giant pile of books. Maybe someone at Goodwill will want to learn French.

Getting rid of clutter is a good way to make the house look nice, but something else has contributed to a cleaner feel lately.

Do you remember when I shared pictures of my new jute rug?

Well, it NEVER stopped shedding. I was hoping after a few weeks of wear, it would slow down, but it only seemed to increase. A minute after vacuuming, there would be another layer of dust and fibers laying on the floor. I’m not the best of housekeepers as it is, so I couldn’t keep up.

Then I had this dry cough that wouldn’t go away, so we wondered whether it was giving me allergies. Long story short- we sold it, brushed our hands of it, and the house feels so much cleaner now!

No matter the state of the house, we’re all itching for a change of scene. Here’s evidence from my conversation with Lyla:

L: Will you take me and Lukey to the airport?

Me: Why?

L: I want to fly to where Daddy is.

Me: Plane tickets are expensive. How are you going to pay for it?

L: I’ll just get some coins from my piggy bank, or you can put a lot of your money in my hands.

Me: Will you be able to pull your own suitcase?

L: Yeah, I’ll pack summer clothes. Whether it’s crowded, or if it’s not, I’ll be just fine. A little vacation will do the trick.

Me: What if you get scared?

L: No, this girl is never scared!!

There you have it! She’ll go to drastic lengths to get to Daddy.

Okay, I’m off to find a closet to clean, play Frozen dress up, and probably break up a few fights!

Puddles under snow??? New sights for this Georgia girl!

4 thoughts on “Cabin Fever”

  1. Have you watched the new Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? It gives LOTS of inspiration for cleaning and organization 🙂 I look forward to using some of Maria’s joyful tips one day when our house is not a disastrous remodel zone lol!

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