Creative Writing

Following the Inspiration


“See I’m all about them words

Over numbers, unencumbered numbered words

Hundreds of pages, pages, pages for words

More words than I had ever heard and I

Feel so alive”

Jason Mraz, “You and I Both”


Tonight I lay on my cozy faux sheepskin rug in front of an amber fire and wrote poetry. It was dreamy…

I paused to think, staring up at the sunburst ceiling and wondered, “Am I spreading myself too thin over too many genres? Will I look back on this time and wish I had thrown my everything into one thing?”

There’s a quote that often comes to my mind that says something like, “You can be good at many things, or incredible at one thing.”

I think I strive for the good at many things motto. I have the mind of an artist, quickly inspired by a new project and then distracted by the next idea. I once painted a canvas for my studio that said:

“Ideas without action are worthless.”

These days, I’m acting on the ideas, but rotating out the medium depending on how the inspiration strikes. Tonight, poetry. Yesterday, I painted a set of dining chairs. The day before I worked on a novel. At this very moment, I’m typing up a post for this blog, which- don’t you worry, I have not forgotten about. On the contrary, now that I broke that long streak of absence, I have been mulling over several exciting ideas for Your Mercies New.

A chair I refinished from the 60s. ⬆️

And, yes, I did mention the word “novel” up above. So, in 2014, I participated in Nanowrimo with a friend. I wrote around 25,000 words for my novel, making it only halfway to the goal. Then I dropped it, wrote part of another novel, dropped that as well, wrote poetry here and there, and then eventually ended up here.

I never forgot about that original story line, though. It lived on in my mind and recently (as in the past two weeks!) started to shape up and take form in a more complex way.

Here, I must admit, that I read a pretty terrible novel the other day. I won’t even tell you what it was, BUT, upon finishing and throwing it to the side, I immediately told my husband I could write something better than that. In the next breath, I admitted that was pure vanity and definitely the wrong motive for writing a book.

Still, the thought had taken hold…

Could I really turn that original idea into something other people would want to read?

Scenes started playing through my mind and then interesting dialog that made me laugh, and I thought, “Heck, I don’t care if no one else wants to read this, I want to write this story for me, for fun!” That is how the outline for a three book series came about!

Here, I must remind you that I am a full time stay at home mom to almost 2 and 4 year olds. (April babies!) So all of these hobbies go on during their hours of sleep, or with the writing, during brief moments when I can scribble down some thoughts. I’ve been going through about 3 gel pens a day. Those things flow fast, which is what makes them so fun to write with!

Yes, like Jason Mraz, “I’m all about them words, over numbers.” My son had a fever tonight, so life is a little wild like always, but that’s why I’m just letting the creative juices flow in the direction they so please, looking forward to the end results whenever they come about, and enjoying the journey in the meantime.

What’s your creative strategy?


2 thoughts on “Following the Inspiration”

  1. Someone just taught me a new phrase this week that your post reminded me of.. Its great for many mamas I’m sure who accidentally overcommit themselves. Think to yourself, “If its not a hell yes!, then its a no.” Hoping this can help me focus my energy on the things that are most important to me. Its a tough trick!!

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    1. Haha that’s definitely a helpful phrase! I’ve been better at knowing my limits and saying no to things lately, but I still have lot of interests I want to pursue! Time gets so much more crunched when you have kids.


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