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Depressed and Talking to a Squirrel

I pulled cool air into my chest and held it, my temporary captive. With a loud and sudden puff, it escaped me. I wanted it to cleanse me, hoped it would take away the frustrations like our filter pulling dust out of the air circulating through. As I crunched along over leaves and gravel, my… Continue reading Depressed and Talking to a Squirrel

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When You Are Struggling With Loneliness

Hello, friends! We’ve been pretty busy here with Thanksgiving festivities, enjoying time with family and friends. I wanted to share this great post about loneliness with you, by faithonthefarm17044257. Enjoy!

Faith on the Farm

Loneliness is hard. Everyone faces it at some point. We were made for God and for fellowship with him, and there is emptiness without him. We long for the day when we will be with him forever when we will finally see him face to face. But God never made us to be without human fellowship. He said at creation that it was “not good” for man to be alone. God is enough. All our desires and longings must be fulfilled by him only, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t create us to love one another and help one another. 

What do you do when despite being satisfied with God and content with life, loneliness begins to fill you? You don’t want to become bitter. You want to be content and thankful, but inside you can’t get rid of that longing for people and fellowship. 

First of all, when you…

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Seeing Struggles Through The Lens Of Faith

I am currently reflecting on my blogging journey. I am still so new to this, just a baby blogger, really. I can’t believe it hasn’t even been two months since I created Your Mercies New, and I already have 40 published posts. Wowzas! I’m still assessing where I want to go with my blog. What… Continue reading Seeing Struggles Through The Lens Of Faith


The Greatest Of These Is Love

Yesterday I had a tough day with the kids. Looking back on it, I see that I was actually having a tough time with myself, which made it hard to deal with the kids. My mind swirled with doubts about being a mother, insecurities crept in, comparisons were made… Not my finest hour, as you… Continue reading The Greatest Of These Is Love