The Greatest Of These Is Love

Yesterday I had a tough day with the kids. Looking back on it, I see that I was actually having a tough time with myself, which made it hard to deal with the kids. My mind swirled with doubts about being a mother, insecurities crept in, comparisons were made… Not my finest hour, as you… Continue reading The Greatest Of These Is Love

Outdoor Adventures

Photography: The Autumn Glow

I am a little bit obsessed with taking pictures of the gorgeous fall displays going on around me right now. It's like the grand finale before the forest tucks in tight and goes to sleep for the winter. I am loving the show. I also wrote a fun little poem to go with my pictures.… Continue reading Photography: The Autumn Glow


The Eyes of a Child

You’ve heard the line before: “Kids say the darndest things.” My daughter Lyla proves this true, every other minute of every day. Last night we gave her half of a Tums tablet for an upset stomach. Thomas: "Does the tums taste like a smoothie to you?" Lyla: "No, it tastes like a coyote drinking orange juice… Continue reading The Eyes of a Child