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The Craigslist Headsplitter

Do any of y’all have parents who are scared to death of you meeting up with some random person to buy an item off Craigslist? I’m raising my hand too. I once followed an address to a dark, unmarked trailer park at night, but I said “No way!” and hightailed it outta there. So I… Continue reading The Craigslist Headsplitter


The Neglected Child

Poor Ginger, my first child. You thought you were my number one until Lyla was born. Her arrival turned your world upside down and made you depressed for months. But today, we shall celebrate Fall together, sans children! Ginger is our adorable, frisbee loving cavapoo. In case you're saying, "a cava-what??" she's a Cavalier King… Continue reading The Neglected Child


Hello Fall, Goodbye Composting

Who’s ready for crisp weather, apple pie, and colorful, crunchy leaves? What about slimy, decayed leaves with a moldy banana peel on the side? Welcome to our compost pile! I built it out of a dog gate and wire fencing right after we moved in. Lyla was excited to help me throw food scraps, leaves… Continue reading Hello Fall, Goodbye Composting