Outdoor Adventures

Photography: A Farewell To Fall

***************************************** Children frolicked in leaves of gold, Heads wreathed in colors bold. The garden gnomes sang a festive song, Here are the words for you to sing along: "Morning frost, Applesauce,  Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-da! Leaves whisper, Air is crisper, Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dum!  Red berries, Garden fairies,  Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-doo! Golden rays, Shortened days, Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-da! Children prance, Lovers dance,… Continue reading Photography: A Farewell To Fall

Outdoor Adventures

Photography: The Autumn Glow

I am a little bit obsessed with taking pictures of the gorgeous fall displays going on around me right now. It's like the grand finale before the forest tucks in tight and goes to sleep for the winter. I am loving the show. I also wrote a fun little poem to go with my pictures.… Continue reading Photography: The Autumn Glow

Outdoor Adventures

Photography: Crunchy Adventures

I haven't written for quite a few days because I've been super busy! I've been refinishing my kitchen island, and it has been very time consuming. I've found that when I'm doing a big house project I have less time and creativity leftover for writing. But in a few days I should be done with… Continue reading Photography: Crunchy Adventures

Heart, Mind, & Body

Anxiety Safe Place: Angel from Below

A few weeks ago I shared my memory of San Juan Island that I go to when I need to relax. It's an anxiety coping strategy that my counselor recommended. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep, so I decided to look for a new memory to enjoy. I thought of a good one- a unique… Continue reading Anxiety Safe Place: Angel from Below