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When the Spark of Madness Lights a Fire

When I announced my new little furniture business a few posts ago, I alluded to a crazy story. Today I shall tell you, before the hilarious details fade from my memory. First, if you aren't in the loop, let me lasso you in. I've flitted from hobby to hobby since recovering from my postpartum depression,… Continue reading When the Spark of Madness Lights a Fire

Outdoor Adventures

Photography: Crunchy Adventures

I haven't written for quite a few days because I've been super busy! I've been refinishing my kitchen island, and it has been very time consuming. I've found that when I'm doing a big house project I have less time and creativity leftover for writing. But in a few days I should be done with… Continue reading Photography: Crunchy Adventures


The Neglected Child

Poor Ginger, my first child. You thought you were my number one until Lyla was born. Her arrival turned your world upside down and made you depressed for months. But today, we shall celebrate Fall together, sans children! Ginger is our adorable, frisbee loving cavapoo. In case you're saying, "a cava-what??" she's a Cavalier King… Continue reading The Neglected Child