Outdoor Adventures

Photography: A Farewell To Fall

***************************************** Children frolicked in leaves of gold, Heads wreathed in colors bold. The garden gnomes sang a festive song, Here are the words for you to sing along: "Morning frost, Applesauce,  Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-da! Leaves whisper, Air is crisper, Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dum!  Red berries, Garden fairies,  Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-doo! Golden rays, Shortened days, Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-da! Children prance, Lovers dance,… Continue reading Photography: A Farewell To Fall

Heart, Mind, & Body

Anxiety Safe Place: San Juan Island

Oh my gosh. The kids are DRI. VING. ME. CRA. ZY. Fussy, teething, cranky, impatient little munchkins complaining to me, at me, ON me at the same time all morning long. And I’ve hit my limit. Luke- you’re going into your crib for an early nap. See ya! And Lyla- please hush and just watch… Continue reading Anxiety Safe Place: San Juan Island

Heart, Mind, & Body

The New Girl

Hello blogging world! There’s a new girl in town! Again. As a military wife, there’s a heavy feeling of dejavue that never seems to go away because my life is kind of playing on repeat. Leave people behind, move to a new place, get to know the area, try to make friends and find people… Continue reading The New Girl